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We want our members to succeed in being healthy in mind, body, and soul. Our members say yes to healthy snacks, participate in sports, explore cooking, and discuss the importance of healthy, balanced relationships on their way to become successful, self-sufficient adults.


Brent’s Club

BGCM premier umbrella program, Brent’s Club is an innovative program for members ages 10-17, intended to encourage healthy lifestyle choices and prevent drug and alcohol use. Through its mission of supporting a drug-free lifestyle, Brent’s Club is able to benefit its members with career and college exploration, academic success programs, activities, and community service. Brent’s Club members enjoy many positive incentives, such as: field trips, prizes, and the opportunity to win college scholarships. Made possible through the support of the Brent Shapiro Foundation!

Johnny Strange Legacy Inspire Skate Program

A skate program in honor of Johnny Strange. Johnny Strange was an adventure seeker deep in his heart. He accomplished so much at such a young age and was purely and intrinsically motivated. He was inspired by the world around him – nature, culture, and sports. He used his opportunities to do good and inspire others. Members can sign up for skate classes at the Club, offering a safe environment, where members can learn skating techniques to master their awareness, balance, control, and talent.

Triple Play

Triple Play is a wellness program that emphasizes three key components of healthy living: Mind, Body, and Soul. The “Body” component of Triple Play promotes becoming more physically active through a variety of games, cooperative activities, and sports that develop a young person’s ability, confidence and motivation to be physically fit. The “Mind” component uses practical interactive activities to instill healthy eating habits. Lastly, the “Soul” component of Triple Play implements cooperative, group-based activities that develop confidence, connection to others, and the ability to make healthy choices.

Social Emotional Wellness

This multi-facet program, overseen by our Director of the Wellness Center + Social Support Services, offers social and emotional curriculums and on-site Social Work interns, from programs like USC and UCLA, to ensure the overall wellbeing of the youth and families of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Malibu.

This program also incorporates the Wellness Co-Operative consisting of a dedicated group of volunteers, all professionals in the backgrounds of counseling, psychiatry, and life coaching who are providing wellness services to Malibu youth which include one-on-one counseling and support groups.

Healthy Snack Program

A program designed to teach members from K- 12th grade about healthy eating habits. Through our Snack Shack, members are provided with a FREE healthy snack each day.




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Equal Employment Opportunity

The Boys & Girls Club of Malibu is committed to providing equal employment opportunities to people of all walks and abilities, regardless of sex, ethnicity, or age. Applicants and employees are expressly protected from discrimination motivated by inherent traits of their person such as race, religion, color, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation (perceived or actual), national origin, ancestry, citizenship status, uniform service member status, marital status, pregnancy, age, protected medical condition, and disability. In today’s world, the right to equal opportunity is an evolving definition that can vary from local, state and federal laws.