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‘1 in 5’ is a youth-led suicide prevention project created by dedicated members of Boys & Girls Club of Malibu.



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‘1 in 5’ is a youth-led suicide prevention project created by dedicated members of Boys & Girls Club of Malibu. Fueled by alarming research that reveals 20% of teens (1 in 5) seriously consider suicide and 9% have attempted to take their lives, the purpose of this initiative is to raise awareness about mental health and the available access to no-cost support through the Club’s Wellness Center.  

100% of proceeds support BGCM Wellness Center providing mental health counseling and social support services to the community at large, at no-cost.

BGCM teens hope to spark conversation and empower their peers to take proactive steps to address this critical issue.

The youth leading this initiative also get a glimpse into the apparel industry as they build out a product launch to support the 1 in 5 initiative. At the heart of the project is a unique apparel line featuring carefully designed crewneck sweaters adorned with thought-provoking statements. These statements aim to inspire and support individuals’ mental health while also catalyzing the crucial conversation about suicide prevention within the Malibu community and beyond.

Through this product launch, featured at the Club’s new Third Space storefront in downtown Malibu, BGCM members are fostering a supportive environment where individuals feel encouraged to seek help and share their struggles openly. By leveraging the power of fashion and meaningful messaging, the 1 in 5 apparel project strives to break down stigmas surrounding mental health and ultimately save lives.

Join us in supporting this impactful initiative as we empower teens to become champions of mental health awareness and advocates for suicide prevention within their communities. Together, we can make a difference and ensure that no one feels alone in their journey towards mental wellness.

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