…It is fun because you can go play soccer on the field with the goals, play basketball, or stay in and use the computers. There is also a time when you’re not allowed to use the computers and you have to do your homework.

- Dante, Cabrillo Club member for 4 years

We want our members to succeed in being healthy in mind, body and soul. Our members say yes to healthy snacks, participate in sports, explore cooking, and discuss the importance of healthy, balanced relationships on their way to becoming successful, self-sufficient adults.


Brent’s Club

Brent’s Club is a sober club that is offered to young adults who are in middle school and high school. The club provides incentives for participants to abstain from the use of drugs and alcohol.

Members of the club voluntarily participate in a saliva drug test once a week. Participants who test positive receive private, discreet counseling. Those who stay sober are rewarded with incentives which include educational technological devices (i.e. iPads, laptop computers, etc.), tutoring, and special events.


S.M.A.R.T Girls

A program for 6-12th grade girls designed to develop healthy attitudes & lifestyles, as well as provide positive mentor relationships. Topics include friendship, bullying, cliques, body image, media manipulation, & goal setting.



A program for 6-8th grade boys designed to provide guidance & mentorship. Topics discussed include cultural pressures for young men, aggression, bullying & defining healthy relationships and other life choices.

The program is designed to give male teens a voice and to provide structure & accountability. Such guidance is provided through presentations, ice breakers and other activities.


Triple Play

A program for members K-12th grades that promotes fitness through fun, engaging & competitive intramural sports & recreational activities that also emphasizes teamwork and sportsmanship. Organized team events often include challenges with BGCM staff.


Counseling Services & Targeted Support Group

This multi-facet program, overseen by our Masters of Counseling on-site Director of Social and Emotional Wellness, offers social and emotional curriculums and on-site Social Work interns, from programs like USC and UCLA, to ensure the overall wellbeing of the youth and families of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Malibu.

This program also incorporates the Wellness Co-Operative consisting of a dedicated group of volunteers, all professionals in the backgrounds of counseling, psychiatry, and life coaching who are providing wellness services to Malibu youth which include one-on-one counseling and support groups.


Healthy Snack Program Provided by Whole Foods

A program designed to teach members from K- 12th grade about healthy eating habits. Through our Snack Shack, members are provided with a FREE healthy snack each day. Thank you Whole Foods!!



Club members dive into the art of cooking that represent the diverse groups at our Club Houses! Recipes are generated from member favorites, family recipes, holiday traditions, and other culturally influenced dishes.

It’s entertaining, educational and delicious too!