I aspire to be like the people who helped me at the club, and that is something that is valuable to me, and will be for the rest of my life. The club provided me with mentors that helped me with not only school but also my personal life…

- Teen Center & Club member for 6 years


We strongly believe in the valuable role that volunteers play in transforming the lives of our members. As little as one hour per week is all it takes to have a positive impact on a teen’s life. We offer volunteer opportunities for adults to work directly with youth as mentors and tutors, and by providing career guidance, internships and college preparation support.

We are proud of our excellent reputation as a safe haven for youth. Therefore, all volunteers must undergo a thorough screening process that includes:

  • Volunteer Application
  • Criminal Background Check
  • Volunteer Training
  • Must submit (2) forms of ID, i.e. driver’s license, birth certificate, passport

Step 1: Browse available ongoing volunteer opportunities below.

Step 2: Apply Online

Step 3: Contact Siugen Constanza at (310) 457-2582 or siugenconstanza@bgcmalibu.org to set up an appointment.

Apply Online

Available Opportunities

Athletics Volunteer:Do you have experience in coaching, refereeing, or playing a particular sport? THE CLUB is looking for volunteers interested in assisting with our athletics department. Volunteers trained in martial arts & fitness training would enable THE CLUB to expand current athletic programming, allowing members to explore various areas of interest.

Arts Volunteer:Do you have a passion for a particular art form or maybe a special recipe you learned from your grandmother? Whether you have a background in art or just an interest, THE CLUB is looking for volunteers who can lead or assist with workshops in any of the following areas: photography, architecture, web design, videography, painting, cartooning, illustration, crocheting, sewing, weaving, costume design, fashion design, and culinary arts. Through offering such classes, volunteers will allow members to explore their creativity and individuality through the various art forms. Programming is geared towards members between the ages of 11-18.

Education Volunteer:Volunteers will assist by providing individualized homework help to Club members during our PowerHour program. Teen support includes instruction in subjects such as Chemistry, Biology, Algebra, Geometry, and Calculus. Other opportunities include working with our Career Prep and College Club programs. By providing such assistance, volunteers will help members gain a sense of mastery and accomplishment, vital to success in school!

General Volunteer:Please sign up for this opportunity if you would like to volunteer for THE CLUB but do not yet know exactly what you would like to do.

Mentor Volunteer:Remember that one caring adult you looked up to as a child or teenager? Be that person for a CLUB member! Through weekly CLUB visits, mentors will build relationships, help with homework, talk about sports, and just provide an open ear. As a mentor, you could be the one to change a teen’s life!

Music Volunteer:Volunteers with music experience would greatly benefit the Club members by providing them with another manner in which they can explore their creativity. Lessons can range from piano to guitar or drums or your area of expertise.

Performing Arts Volunteer:THE CLUB is looking for volunteers to support performing arts programs. These programs allow members the opportunity to explore their creativity through the performing arts of dance, music and theater. Whether you have a background in performing arts or a passion for dance and drama, share your skills and time with youth interested in learning more about performing arts. Instruction ranges from ballet and jazz to hip-hop and theater

Social Recreation Volunteer:Do you have skills in pool, ping pong, or foosball? If not, let our extremely talented members show you the ropes! THE CLUB is looking for volunteers to assistant in the games room. Assist with the daily functions of the social recreation department, including one-on-one interactions with members, tournaments, and an array of board and video games. Specialty skills, such as model making, would enhance programming currently offered through THE CLUB.

Technology Volunteer:THE CLUB is looking for volunteers with some knowledge of technology to aid with the daily functions of the Computer. Volunteers will serve as mentors to youth by helping them create web pages, make their own videos, compose music, conduct web searches, provide tutoring for Photoshop, and much more! Opportunities are also available for volunteers looking to share a particular area of expertise with members. Volunteers able to assist with computer maintenance are also needed.

Parent Co-op:Do you have a skill from which teens could benefit, or a service that can help make THE CLUB a better place? THE CLUB is also looking for parents to help during Special Events. And if you are a HANDY MAN and would like to volunteer to help make THE CLUB a better place, then the Parent Co-op is the perfect group for you.